Tooling & Forging

At Lenape Forged Products Corporation, we've created our own unique modular, multi-die system. The modular-die system gives us flexibility seldom found in metal forging, allowing us to bring most ground-breaking ideas to life. Combined with our ingenious method of re-configuring old dies, our tooling methods allows us to make the claim:

“We have the lowest tooling costs in the industry”.

Additionally, we have perfected the art of controlling grain flow thereby increasing strength and supplying superior resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses.

The forging methods we use include:

  • Contour die
  • Open die
  • Back extrusion
  • Mandrel expansion
  • Closed die
  • Modular die
  • Upsetting
  • Piercing and punching
  • Plate flueing and forming