Refinery, Pipeline & Oilfield Forgings

Refineries, chemical plants and oil production facilities use a wide variety of custom-manufactured equipment that must withstand high pressure, high temperature and corrosive substances. That requires specialized experience and makes Lenape the perfect source for critical components.

Lenape is a recognized supplier of custom nozzles, tube sheets, manways and valve bodies to major refiners and chemical processors. Our ability to forge and machine stainless steel to exact specifications and to ensure corrosive or reactive resistance is integral to the proper function of process equipment.

Our forgings are used in “Christmas trees” and in valving produced by internationally known suppliers of offshore drilling equipment. Drillers demand long-lasting and highly reliable equipment that can withstand hostile environments and pressures of up to 50,000 psi. There are also safety and environmental concerns that are the responsibility of Drillers. They know that their equipment’s reliability is only as good as the components from which they are assembled. They have long trusted Lenape to supply the high quality components they need for their equipment.

Lenape has also designed and produced forgings used in refinery projects in Alaska where specifications for custom nozzles required Charpy Impact Test results of 40 foot-pounds at -20° F. We delivered forgings that far exceeded the minimum requirements.

We also have the ability to produce components for many heat exchanger applications.