Quick Opening Manways

Quick opening manways are specifically designed to maximize production in batch-type operations by providing rapid and easy access to pressure vessels.

When compared to other manways that use nut and bolt or swing bolt sealing mechanisms, quick opening manways can save between 10 and 60 minutes of production time per vessel per batch for batch processes. The quick opening manway opens in a single motion without the aid of tools, allowing an operator to gain access to the interior of the vessel in less than 3 seconds.

There are no loose parts or heavy covers, and built-in safety features protect the operator by making it virtually impossible to open a quick opening manway while it is still under pressure.

QOD Manways

The QOD manways are always custom designed and are used primarily for special situations.

QOD manways incorporate a domed cover, O-ring sealing system and a quick opening cam-actuated latch mechanism that makes it perfect for pressure or vacuum applications. Available in four styles, the QOD has a flanged body and is ideal for processes using glass-lined reaction vessels. The cam-actuated latch allows opening within seconds and the built-in safety feature prevents accidental opening.

QOD manways are sealed by a 5/16" diameter O-ring that is located in a recess on the tapered outer surface of the frame. It snaps in place over the neck into a groove and remains in place when the manway is open. The location of the groove also serves to protect the gasket during access operations. The internal taper of the cover edge imposes sliding radial compression creating an effective seal with very tight gasket load.

QOD's are available in all ferrous and non-ferrous materials. As they are all custom products, they are designed to customer specifications. QOD's are designed totally without bolts. A cover tension spring is used for vertical installations to reduce the force required to lift or close the cover. Options include provision for a sight glass, lubrication fittings at active points and custom-designed remote control actuators for opening the manway. Our QOD's are suitable for service up to 250 psi and temperatures as high as 400°F. In the QOD manway, the cam is controlled by a latch spring which requires much less manual effort to open and close that other quick opening manways.