Power Industry

“In the power industry, our forgings are the industry standard for pressure vessels used in steam generation”

That's because Lenape has a relationship with the power industry that goes back to when we first started our business. And our custom valve component forgings, tube sheets, heads, wye fittings and cylinders have become the well-known standards within an industry obsessed with quality.

It takes a significant amount of skill, knowledge and experience to create huge, custom-forged ball valves for nuclear generating stations. Demanding specifications, component reliability and exactness are essential for safe plant operation that must continue for decades with little or no capability for replacement due to the environment. Many parts are required to be operational for the entire life of the facility. We have the forging and machining ability to produce these parts to rigid specifications and replicate them over and over for sister plants. The same can be said for our forgings for coal and oil-fired power plants.

And we have a quality and performance record that keeps our power customers coming back including active participation in the NIAC program.