Non-Ferrous Forgings

We create forgings in exotic metals like titanium, Incoloy, Monel, copper/nickel alloys and high nickel alloys.

Lenape has the experience in working with these metals so they maintain all of their special properties while meeting the specifications.

You'll find Lenape titanium forgings on nuclear submarines, turbine engines and in mine detection equipment. Inconel and Monel are also used in our submarine forgings and are unparalleled for their non-corrosive and high temperature properties.

But to maintain those and other unique metallurgical properties, these metals require high levels of skill in processing. Lenape has the experience with these metals to deliver this necessary skill. Our work for the U.S. Navy verifies this skill set. The Navy has used Lenape non-ferrous forgings for well over three decades. Non-ferrous forgings create the kind of challenge that excites us as professionals in metallurgy.