Lenape Forged Products Corporation is located on a 42-acre stretch of land on the banks of the historic Brandywine Creek in the far suburbs of Philadelphia. The multi-building complex includes a large production facility, materials/testing laboratories, offices and storage plus ample room for expansion. We have created the type of facilities that our customers demand—a complete facility that allows us to conceive, develop, produce, test, machine and deliver our products from one location where all aspects of the production process are under Lenape’s direct control. That translates into much higher quality, expedited delivery times and the ability to handle the most challenging projects.

Our facilities encompass:

  • 135,000 sq ft of production space
  • Two office buildings
  • Laboratory complex
  • Receiving and storage area
  • Parting department (cutting – mechanical and water jet)
  • Forging and forming department
  • Heat treating department
  • Welding, grinding and grit blasting department
  • Machining department
  • NDE and machine testing department
  • Inspection and quality control department
  • Shipping department

In addition, Lenape has ample grounds for expansion to continue its growth well into the future.