Elliptical Manways

Lenape manufactures self-energizing elliptical manways for internal and external pressure applications that provide reliable, low cost access to pressure vessels.

All our elliptical manways are constructed of a seamless elliptical ring, a cover, cover hardware and a gasket. Generally, the elliptical ring is the standard part for all elliptical manways, and the gasket material varies depending on type of application.

Since there are no welds in the rings, there is no need for x-ray qualification when stringent requirements are applicable. These seamless rings will meet special ASME requirements.

Various cover and cover hardware configurations change the use and product name for the manway. The manway is sealed by compression from the internal pressure of the vessel to which it is attached.

We make two basic types of elliptical manways

  • Yolk & Bolt
  • Clamp Bolt

In addition, we produce flat machined covers for high pressure applications and for numerous applications of both types of manways to meet specific design criteria.

All elliptical rings we manufacture are seamless, ensuring superior quality and strength as well as uniformity and consistent performance over years of service.