As a forgeable material, aluminum is in a league of its own. There are numerous difficulties in working with aluminum that are not found in other materials. Lenape has specialized skill and experience in producing aluminum forgings and many of our clients have benefited from our ability to work the material.

You'll find aluminum forgings produced by Lenape in critical aircraft, space launch, satellite, torpedo and missile components as well as in medical equipment.

The aluminum components we produce are all manufactured to critical specifications. We also produce aluminum pre-forms that can be finished into their final forms at our customers’ plants.

In addition to standard heat treatment procedures, Lenape utilizes a new drop bottom furnace to speed quenching and ensure physical properties. Lenape also performs cold working on many aluminum forgings. Cold work, which enhances the physical properties of the metal, is done by compression or expansion and allows for uniform and stable dimensions in the unfinished, and finished, components.